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 So this is DreamWidth. Guess who's a big enough newbie that she doesn't even know if that's the proper capitalization? Me, me, pick me!

Anyway. Yes, hello. First bits on any new sites are always awkward, so I'm thoroughly prepared to look like a dweeb until I get things figured out. I'm here to check out the site for fandoms and all the chill folks who are involved in it, whether they're lurkers or big posters or anonymous kinkmeme fillers {bless you}. And because I know nothing about the site or how it functions {I'm getting LiveJournal vibes--am I allowed to say that--but then I wasn't a big face over there either}, I'll probably lurk around for a while and drop tentative "hey hello I see you ship the same thing as me, good job that"s in various places.

That's me, then. So... yeah. Cheers!

Date: 2015-02-20 02:12 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] texelations
It's actually a livejournal clone, yes! Livejournal started changing things pretty drastically around the time this site started so it's sort of like old-school LJ.

Things are still pretty quiet around this comm but I'm planning to put up weekly episode discussions when the season starts and advertise that around tumblr, so hopefully that will bring in the meta discussions and stuff.


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